List of substances identified by on-board gaschromatography, 1994 to 2007
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short name: remarks
i4 isobutane ev. coeluting with acetaldehyde
n4 n-butane coeluting with 1-butene and probably with isobutene
tn4en t-2-butene tentative identification
cn4en c-2-butene tentative identification
i5 isopentane  
ace acetone coeluting with n-pentene, see below
n5 n-pentane coeluting with 2-me-1-butene, n-pentane main component
ipe Isopren coeluting with trans-2-pentene, see below
cn5en c-2-pentene  
cp cyclopentane coeluting with 2.3-dimethyl-butane
2mp 2-methyl-pentane  
3mp 3-methyl-pentane coeluting with unknown, ev . secondary component
n6 n-hexane  
mcp methylcyclopentane coeluting with 2.4-dimethyl-pentane
bz benzene  
cn6 cyclohexane  
2mh 2-methyl-hexane coeluting with 2.3-dimethyl-pentane
3mh 3-methyl-hexane  
i8 isooctane or 2.2.4-trimethyl-pentane
n7 n-heptane  
mch methylcyclohexane  
tol toluene  
2mn7 2-methyl-heptane probably coeluting with 4-methyl-heptane
3mn7 3-methyl-heptane  
n8 n-octane  
ebz ethylbenzene  
mpx m&p-xylene m&p-xylene coeluting
sty styrene  
ox o-xylene  
n9 n-nonane  
cum cumene or isopropyl-benzene
ap a-pinene  
pbz n-propylbenzene coeluting with unknown, ev . secondary component
met m&p-ethyltoluene m&p-ethyltoluene coeluting
135 135-trimethylbenzene  
oet o-ethyltoluene partly coeluting with unknown, ev . secondary component
124 124-trimethylbenzene ev. coeluting with unknown, ev . secondary component
n10 n-decane  
123 123-trimethylbenzene  
_C4..10 Summenparameter nach C-Zahl  
sum2 Total-VOC C4 - C10  
sumace Summe sum parameter including ace (acetone)