front NOxTOyA five channel 'all included' version of our 'NOxTOy' instrument for measuring nitrogen oxides with the Luminol-method.
For the version in our aircraft, the different components are distributed in the instrument-pod.
Function is described in annual report 1999 of PSI (partner in developing the instrument)


parameter: NO2, NOx, NOy, HNO3, PAN, Ox
instrument / method: METAIR-NOxTOy: 6-channel Luminol-detector with CrO3- and Mo-converters
range 0.5..500 ppb
resolution parameter / time: 0.1 ppb / 1..5 s
precision / accuracy: 0.1 /0.5 ppb
calibration or checks: NO2 calibration gas


topless NOxTOy

cellsinbox NOxTOy

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