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Type of aircraft TMG (Touring Motor Glider) - DIMO HK36 TTC-ECO
(two seated single engine piston aircraft with long endurance and good aerodynamic performance,
with 16.5 m wing span)
Manufacturer Diamond Aircraft, Wiener-Neustadt, Austria
Call sign HB-2335
Modifications 2 underwing pods for instrumentation (wide enough for 19"/6HU instruments), enhanced MTOW,
larger fuel tanks, door to baggage/instrument compartment behind the cockpit, second electrical
system with 28V/1 kW generator
MTOW 930 kg
Empty weight 610 kg (including basic installations)
Certification Since 2007: EASA, restricted (Sonderkategorie, eingeschränkt), based on TC of the manufacturer
(until 2007 BAZL/AustroControl, under JAR 22 in utility class)
Operation Daytime VFR (avionics accordingly, with Transponder Type S since 2008)
Crew 2 (pilot and operator), side by side, pilot only operation is possible
Maximum payloads 50 kg in each pod, 30 kg behind seats, 110 kg on each seat, 75 kg of fuel
(total may not exceed 320 kg)
Scientific payload 100 kg for maximum endurance with operator until about
200 kg with less endurance and short endurance
Fuel 70 kg (a bit less than the 110 litres which are specified in the manual)
Endurance 5 hrs at 170 km/h (more if slower, less if faster, or with frequent changes of altitude, typical research flight is 2 to 4.5 hrs)
Maximum distance without refueling: 800 km
Cruising speed (minimum / typical / maximum during measurements): 110 / 170 / 200 km/h (IAS)
Climb rate 3 m/s from GND to about 3000 mMSL
Ceiling 4000 mMSL (more with crew oxigen; due to turbo charged engine, the limit is not the engine, but
other safety considerations such as icing, spread between minimum and maximum speed, etc.)
  Typical operation altitudes 150 mGND to 3000 mMSL, or less with special permission
Electrical power primary 28 VDC unregulated (+/- 1 V) 1 kW (operationally tested up to 0.5 kW); 100 Watt 12 VDC
regulated; 300 Watt 230 VAC
Other remarks lowest noise class (among the most quiet aircraft with also a comfortable sound); very good view to
the outside for pilot and operator;
integrated 12" colour graphical data display in instrument panel
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